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School Management System

We call our school management system and college management system as “CyberSchool Manager”, which is an ideal product for management of all relativities related to a school or college administration. With the help of this software, we assist educational administrators to plan as well as manage all activities in their institute, which in turn results in overall increased efficiency.

Our CyberSchool manager for schools and colleges has different modules including these:

Admission manager
Fee manager
Examination manager
Attendance manager
Library manager
Transport manager
Payroll manager
Stock manager
Utility manager

Hospital Management System

Need of multispecialty hospitals in increasing, so does the complexity of their administration. There are so many departments and patients to be managed & it is not possible to keep manual records. So, the need of a Hospital Management System (HMS) comes into picture. At Cybrain Software Solutions, we develop CyberHealthCare Manager as according to your requirement. We have both standard and customized solutions, right from small clinics to multispecialty hospitals.

Some of the major functions of CyberHealthCare Manager include following:

Inpatient management
Outpatient management
Billing management
Payroll management
Pharmacy management
Inventory management
Emergency services
Accounts management

SMS Management System

As information is a crucial thing for most businesses, especially Stock and commodity brokers, SMS solutions have become important. We provide fast and reliable bulk SMS services and SMS management system to our clients so that they can handle their campaigns in a better way. We offer both online SMS gateway and SMS sending software along with excel plug-in so that you can send messages as per your convenience. We offer highly competitive rates for our bulk SMS services. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Visit at www.bulksmszone.co.in


As the popularity of iPhone and Smartphones is increasing across the world, so does the demand of their applications. We have an expert team of mobile and iPhone application developers that creates apps for a number of categories including following:
Shopping, Entertainment,News, Business, Weather,Travel, Games, Social, Networking, Calculations,Finance, Music

We utilize Software Development Kit (SDK) and its guidelines along with integration of several other features to develop mobile applications. Currently, we are into iPhone apps development and Windows mobile apps development. Our sole aim is to provide affordable mobile apps development services to our clients within defined time-frame


If you want your website to sell your products or services in an effective way, it is important for it to be crawled by search engine spiders. Luckily, this is possible by a simple yet highly effective process called Search Engine Optimization. We optimize your website in such a way that search engines favor and develop an affinity for it. We provide professional SEO services according to your marketing goals. Our tailor-made SEO services help our clients reap benefits from their website in the form of increased targeted traffic and return on Investment.                                             

Biometric Attendance System

Our highly advanced biometric attendance system utilizes fingerprints to mark attendance. The use of biometric system to mark attendance is prevalent across the world including India. This system allows you keep a check on your staff and students & is useful for both security and time management purposes. We provide our biometric attendance products to schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals and corporate organizations.

These days, one can easily get Biometric time attendance system as it’s quite popular. Our USP is that we can customize it according to the client’s exiting payroll and also embed it in existing software.

RFID Reader Solutions

At Cybrain Software Solutions, we offer RFID Reader Solutions, a wireless technology that is widely used for supply chain management and inventory management. This technology utilizes a RFID tag attached to an object, which when passes through a RFID reader, emits RF signals and gives the information embedded in the tag for object identification. We have been providing our RFID reader solutions to major corporate since long and have immense expertise doing this. We are specialized in customizing the RFID reader solutions according to client’s requirements. We have also taken up big project with Western Command Chandimandir for integration of RFID on a large basis.

Smart Card Solutions

Smart cards have become the need of the day and are now used commonly including shopping malls, banks, schools, metro stations, eating points and banks. These are small plastic cards with an integrated chip that allows reading when swiped through a smart card reader. Smart cards have their usage in a number of applications like dispensing money from ATM (debit or credit card), transportation (metro train card), loyalty programs (membership card) and campus or premise access cards (ID cards), etc. We, Cybrain Software Solutions, provide smart card solutions for different industries and domains.

We integrate smart cards with our Cyberschool Manager, CyberInstitute Manager, CyberHealthCare Manager as ID cards.

Barcode Reader Embedded Solutions

We usually see a bundle of thick and thin vertical lines with varied space on most products and commodities. These are especially seen on stuff sold by big departmental stores and shopping malls where electronic billing is done. Nowadays, we can also see it on books and price tags as it is an important for inventory management tool. We provide barcode reader embedded solutions to our industry-wide clients for a number of functions like inventory control, document processing and point-of-sale operations.


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